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Why I’m Stingy – Singer Akon Reveals

Senegalese-American singer, Akon has revealed that he is “the stingiest man on the planet” because one has to be stingy to maintain his wealthy status quo.

The ‘Blame It On Me’ crooner made this known while featuring as a guest in the latest episode of Impulsive Podcast.

According to Akon: “If you want to stay rich, stay stingy. I’m the stingiest man on the planet.”

He also advised colleagues and fans against owning a private jet if they want to “stay rich.”

He said, “Whatever you do, do not own a [private] jet. Bro, owning a jet is spending at least 2-3 million dollars a year just for upkeep [maintenance]. You spend more on the maintenance than the actual jet cost. This is the advice I give everybody. The money that you have now has to last you a lifetime. When you reason it that way, you are going to be very prudent.”

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