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TikTok Skit Maker, Murja Remanded In Prison

Murja Ibrahim Kunya, a well-known creator of TikTok skits, has been ordered to be detained in a jail by a Shariah court in Kano’s Filin Hockey neighborhood.

According to reports, the well-known skit creator was arraigned on Thursday on accusations that include character slander, profanity, public annoyance, and violation of the peace.

Following a complaint made by two other Tik Tokers, Aisha Najamu and Idris Maiwushirya, accusing Murja of defaming their reputations, the defamation allegation was added to the count.


She entered a not guilty plea after the prosecuting attorney, Lamido Sorondinki, read the accused all of the counts.

Following that, Lamido Sorondinki,moved an application for her release on bond; however, the prosecution attorney objected.

The case was postponed until February 16 so that the judge could rule on the bail application. Judge Abdullahi Halliru ordered that the accused persons be remanded in prison custody.

Recall that Miss Murja was most recently taken into custody by the Kano police at the direction of a Shari’a court.

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