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Nobody Can Stop Elections In South-East – Biafra Group

Elections, according to the Youth wing of the Indigenous People of Biafra, or IPOB, will take place in the South-East region.

The group’s position was taken in opposition to an earlier claim made by Simon Ekpa, a Finn.


Comrade Ndubuisi Igwekani, alias Agu Biafra, the leader of the IPOB youth wing, assured media in Enugu on Tuesday that the Biafra group will not meddle in the election process and that the young of Nigeria would have their wishes recognized.

“It is Nigerians that brought Peter Obi out, and their goal is genuine, to recover Nigeria.

“If they have chosen Peter Obi, South-East cannot be the stumbling block. We cannot be seen as the problem,” he said.

If Ekpa is sincerely committed to the battle, Igwekani encouraged him to revoke any orders prohibiting the peaceful holding of polls in the South-East.

He revealed that a committee had been formed to keep an eye on the security conditions in the South-East States and find out who was behind the killings.

“We will also set up a security network to monitor their activities to ensure that all criminals hiding under the Biafra struggle to commit crimes are fished out and handed over to security agents.

“If Simon Ekpa is on our own side, if he is really fighting for freedom and shows he is not part of the killings in the South-East, he must withdraw orders against election in the South.

“Enough of bloodshed in the South-East. We want to know those behind the killings and expose them.

“We can’t allow continued killings in the name of the Biafra struggle. The struggle is about emancipation of our people not to kill them.

“We also warn the Government that Nnamdi Kanu must be released before the election. A man who came to salvage his people was put in detention. He must be released.

“We are in talks with genuine men of God, genuine traditional rulers and genuine politicians to make sure that nothing happens to the IPOB leader. Because it will not augur well with this country if anything happens to him,” he warned.

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