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Nigerian Man Trends As He Deposits $500,000 Cash In Bank

A yet-to-be identified Nigerian man has caused stir in one of the new-generation banks moments he went to deposit $500,000, approximately N200 million.The picture of the yet-to-be identified man circulated on social media has left many with shocking question ‘God when.’

The picture took in an unknown bank in Nigeria and has left many wondering why such an amount of dollars would in possession of an individual.

Nigerian Man

It remains unclear if the person had violated the money laundering act. This development is coming at a time when Nigeria grapples with dollar scarcity which had earlier led to the crash of the naira.

A forex trader in Lagos, Ishaya Abdul, disclosed that there are excess dollar in the market currently. He said many forex traders are disposing off dollars due to the purported threats that US Government will stop accepting dollar notes issued earlier than 2021 as a legal tender.

Abdul said, “What is happening now is that most FX traders are releasing the dollars they have hoarded in the past. Right now, the dollar is crashing very fast.”

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