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NAPS Calls On Governor And Remo North Stakeholders To Address Safety, Student Welfare Concerns At Gateway ICT Polytechnic Saapade

In a recent development, the National Association of Polytechnic Students (NAPS) has voiced its concerns over the deteriorating conditions faced by students at Gateway ICT Polytechnic Saapade, JungleTalker reports.

The organization has taken note of the hardships experienced by students in the region and has decided to address these pressing issues.

Among the grievances highlighted by NAPS are alarming increase in armed robbery cases, and steep rent fee hikes. These concerns have been brought to the attention of NAPS’ national headquarters, prompting the organization to take action on behalf of the affected students.

NAPS has expressed its strong displeasure to thr local community stakeholders, and the general public, vowing not to stand idly by while students suffer from a lack of safety and adequate treatment in their learning environment. They have raised questions about the safety of the community and whether there might be sponsorships behind these criminal activities.

Students have reported incidents of property theft, which could ultimately lead to dropouts, depression, and, tragically, even loss of life. Furthermore, there have been distressing cases of students being subjected to robbery and sexual assault, resulting in academic decline and dropout for some.

The association has called for immediate action to address these issues, demanding the formation of a committee within 72 hours to address security concerns and rent fee hikes. This committee is expected to include student leaders from the institution and community stakeholders to ensure transparency.

Additionally, NAPS has urged the regulation of rent fees to accommodate the financial constraints of students and has called for assurances that effective security measures will be implemented to prevent future robberies.

NAPS has issued a stern warning to community stakeholders, including the local government chairman and security officials, urging them to take immediate action to rectify the situation. They have stated that if their demands are not met promptly, they may resort to street protests to demand accountability.

This was conveyed in a statement signed by the Senate President and Clerk of the association, Comr Popoola Abdullahi and Comr Oni Olawale that partly reads:


Greatest Nigerian Students!!!

Our attention have been drawn to the news of the hardship which have been encountered by our so much revered students of the prestigious institute of learning, Gateway ICT Polytechnic Saapade.

During the recent times, the students have alarmed the nearest communities of the hardship faced in the school and its environments which includes but not limited to Increases rate of armed robbery, unnecessary hike in rent fees amongst others.

The news have reached our national headquarters and we deemed it fit to address the concerns of the progressive students which we represent.

We hereby make our displeasures known to the community stakeholders and the general public that we shall not stand down and watch our students undergo suffocation and ill-treatment from the same set of people who are meant to provide us a serene learning environment.

It is so uncalled for that the community which is supposed to be a safe haven is now an harbor for armed robbers and what’s more disheartening is that no effort have been done by the same community stakeholders to curl the effects, is it now safe to say that these people are being sponsored?

We are being robbed off our hard-earned property, it could ultimately lead to dropping out of the institution, depression and death at times.
There have never been a time when the indigenes are robbed, it have always been the students and at countless times students are being raped in the process.

We have the record of a student that was robbed two times and led to his academic decline and dropped out eventually.

We also have of many that were raped during encounter and ultimately to their drop out as they could not handle the stigma.

How about some that must’ve gone into depression because of the stigma or anything related to the incident, we could start giving as many instances in this environment and it’s really appalling that we are supposed to be safe.
Indeed, this is not the Saapade we knew!
We need Peace 🕊️

Hike in price of rent fees

It is so disheartening that the community which is meant to welcoming to students as turned into a den of hardship and extortion and all thanks to the Landlords, house agents on the watch of our revered constituted authority which they see nothing but opportunity to choke on the students for a reason that only God knows.

A rate which skyrockets from the range 40k to 100-130k for a single room and 150k to 300k-800k within the space of an eye blink which even got the school environment to small Lagos.
A bathing bucket of water costs #50 for crying out loud.

For goodness sake, these are indigent students which can even hardly afford the cost of higher education if not for the intervention of Prince Dr Dapo Abiodun in the Institution and Ogun State.
It is so ugly that in the quest of a quality education, we have to overcome many unnecessary ugly hurdles.

We need help in Gateway ICT Polytechnic Saapade.
We call on every meaning education stakeholders to come to our aid to make our school more wanting.

Saapade happens to be a haven of peace and tranquility but what happened over the night?

While we commend the steps taken by the Students Union President and his executives as regards the cause, it is pertinent that we justify the cause of our office to serve the Nigerian Students.

We wish to state the following as our utmost demand.

Our demands:

  1. We demand that a committee is constituted within 72 hours to see to our demands both security wise and hike in fee.
  2. That the committee includes the students leaders of the Institution and well meaning stakeholders in the community to ensure transparency.
  3. We demand that the rent fee is regulated to meet the satisfaction of our students.
  4. An assurance that there shall not be any robbery again by the time the security measures have been put in place.

We hereby call on the community stakeholders, ranging from the Remo North Local Government Chairman, Odemo of Isara, Amororo of Ipara, Alaye of Ode, CDA chairmen and every security stakeholders in the community to take charge of these ugly incidents before we take to the streets to demand accountability.

If our demands are not met in due time, we can’t assure that there won’t be an outburst or protests on the streets of saapade because we are the one who bears the brunt of everything”.

SUG President, Gateway ICT Polytechnic Saapade
NANS OGUN JCC, Director of special duties.
NANS ZONE-D Director of Polytechnic Affairs
Chairman, Remo North Local Government
Odemo of Isara-remo
Alaye of Ode-remo
Amororo of Ipara-remo
DSS Remo-north
DPO Isara

Senate President

Senate Clerk

The situation at Gateway ICT Polytechnic Saapade is of growing concern, and NAPS is determined to secure a safer and more conducive learning environment for the students it represents.

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