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Naira Swap: Tinubu’s Outburst Averted Looming Crisis – Group

Bola Tinubu, the APC’s presidential candidate, has received praise from a group called Arewa4Asiwaju for speaking out against the January 31 deadline for exchanging the old Naira notes for the redesigned ones.

According to the organization, Tinubu’s announcement in Abeokuta, Ogun State, compelled the federal government to move the deadline from January 31 to February 10.

The Tinubu support group said that this prevented the country from erupting in flames after the abrupt 10-day extension caused widespread rage.

While crediting Tinubu’s “sagacity and courage” for the unexpected 10-day extension of the naira exchange, Arewa4Asiwaju said that “it was this daring and purposeful leadership demonstrated by the Asiwaju that caused the government to go back on its prior “no going back” posture.”

The group claims that Nigerians should be grateful to Tinubu for intervening and taking a risk in order to reverse the obviously disastrous scenario brought on by the earlier January 31 deadline.


A statement by the group’s North-Central coordinator, Aliyu Pass, released in Kaduna on Monday, partly read, “Whether anyone wants to believe it or not, it is the courageous sagacity displayed by Tinubu that invariably saved the Nigerian commoner from suffering the pains of the initial timeline set by the Federal Government for the unpopular new currency swap.

“And by that singular action, Tinubu also saved the nation from going up in flames as consequence of the raging public anger that pervaded the atmosphere before the sudden 10-day extension.

Tinubu, proving himself a great statesman, in his now famous Abeokuta declaration, took the bold and necessary step of alerting to the dangers inherent in the new naira policy, its timing and deadline.

“Apparently rattled, the President invited Asiwaju to Daura where the man stood his ground insisting the policy was unnecessary, unpopular and would only harm the common man and lead to greater conflict.

“The nation certainly owe Tinubu immense gratitude for stepping in and risking everything to save an obviously bad situation.”

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