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Man Held In Adamawa For Raping Stepdaughter

The Adamawa State Police Command has detained a Man named David Gaius for allegedly raping his stepdaughter.

Police are currently looking into the man on suspicion of raping the stepdaughter three times.

Gaius, who is housed at Unguwan Prison in the Dirma hamlet of Dumne in the Song Local Government Area, reportedly confessed to the crime, according to SP Suleiman Nguroje, the State Police Public Relations Officer.

The man explained how he had three sex encounters with the girl and blamed the devil for tricking him into doing it when he was inebriated.


However, he contradicted himself when he acknowledged using an attraction charm, claiming that he placed the charm in the meat that he and his victim consumed in order to draw her.

Living in the same home as his wife and other children after the other members of the family had gone to bed, he said he first had carnal knowledge of the daughter in 2020 when she was 14 years old.

He continued by saying that when he recently committed the crime a third time, his wife caught him in the act but later told her that a native doctor had asked him to rape a little girl.

He denied raping his victim for ceremonial purposes and added that he did not clean his victim’s privates with a white handkerchief as the girl claimed.

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