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“I’ll stay till death” – Lady vows to be loyal to her man who lost a leg while trying to save her (Video)

A Nigerian lady has stirred emotions after she narrated how her boyfriend lost a leg while trying to save her.

The lady, identified as Ekua Dimple, shared a video of her man with a fractured leg and explained that due to the severe injury he sustained while trying to save her, he is now unable to walk again.

In the video, she and her man were in a car, and he was driving with only his left leg, as the right one remained still.

Grateful for her man’s sacrifice, Ekua vowed to never leave him.


In other news, a Nigerian mother of two who left her marriage of eight years has taken to social media to celebrate her seven-year divorce anniversary.

The young woman identified as @iphieajike on Twitter expressed her joy at having survived the marriage and reflected on how apprehensive she felt about her future when she divorced her partner.

She said she moved out of her matrimonial house with her two children seven years ago after divorcing her spouse.

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