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How I Will Pull Nigerians From Poverty – Obi

In order to lift Nigerians out of poverty, Peter Obi, the presidential candidate for the Labour Party, announced on Sunday that he would turn Nigeria from a consumption to a production nation.

Obi also pledged to return Kano to its former, enviable prominence in trade and industry while speaking to supporters in Kano State.

The former governor of Anambra State promised supporters, “We would lift people out of poverty by moving Nigeria from consumption to production and ending the sharing that has kept the country down.”

He pledged to maintain Kano as the financial hub and restore its commercial prominence.

“Before, if you want cash you come to Kano but what you see today is poverty everywhere. Datti and I will restore the old glory of Kano.


“We will secure and unite Nigeria where people will be proud to say I am a Nigerian. We will kill the sentiments of tribe and religion which they have been using to deceive us,” he added. 

The LP candidate said under his administration, there would be one Nigeria where the people will be free to move and do their business unmolested.

According to him, we will be able to do what we are preaching because we have done it in the public and private sectors and succeeded. 

“Datti and I will not allow wastages. We will do exactly what we are saying,” Obi added.

He told the people that next month’s election is going to be about character, competence and not about religious sentiment. 

“If they come with their sentiments of religion and tribe tell them to give you jobs or show you where anybody is buying things cheaper because of where he comes from or because of his religion.

“Don’t listen to anybody coming from it’s his turn, it’s nobody’s turn, but your turn to take back your country from those destroying it.

“When they come look out for character you trust, the person with antecedents, the person you can identify his past, the schools he went and how they performed where they were before,” Obi said.

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