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Court Remands Man For Stealing Ladies’ Pants

One Olatunji Taiwo was found in possession of female underwear and a few charms, and an Ilorin Magistrate Court ordered his detention.

Olatunji is on trial for allegedly stealing women’s underwear and making an attempt to elude capture, in violation of sections 287 and 95 of the Nigerian Penal Code.

On Tuesday, February 7, 2023, a routine police stop and search in Ilorin, Kwara State, resulted in the arrest of the accused.

According to a police first information report, Taiwo of number 12 SOJ Street in the Sawmill area of Ilorin was approached during a stop and search operation at the NASFAT checking point on the Ilorin-Ogbomoso Road and was found in possession of women’s underwear and charms.

Two female jeans that he had worn were found on him when the police searched him once again at their station. On him, some charms were also found, including alligator pepper, a ram’s horn, and some black sand in a nylon bag.


According to the report, Olatunji confessed that he stole those pants from a rope at the Eiyenkorin area of Ilorin where they were hung for drying, adding that he wanted to use the materials for ritual purposes.

In the report, police also claimed that Olatunji tried to flee from their station at Budo Nuhu, directly across from Ilorin International Airport, where he was lawfully remanded in custody, in an effort to avoid facing legal repercussions before being apprehended again.

Ayeni Gbenga, the prosecutor, told the court of the ex parte motion that was attached to the police report and requested that the court allow the motion’s request for remand.

The accused was ordered to remain at the Federal Correctional facility, Mandala, Ilorin, till the next day of adjournment after the presiding magistrate, Mr. Kamson Gbadeyan, approved the prosecution’s request.

The case was adjourned till March 20, 2023 for hearing.

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